Friday, 16 October 2015


In our class we operate a Mini Economy. 

Every child has a job to do for example teacher's assistants, lunch box carriers, messengers, librarians etc. If the job is done well, we get paid a fair wage in Fitzees (our class currency).

Here's an example of some of the jobs we carry out in our classroom.

We can save our Fitzees in the Fitzee bank or spend them in the Fitzee shop, which is full of all kinds of special things (shhh...Minecraft toys have just come into stock!!) 

The very famous Fitzee shop

Our bankers looking fresh before their 9-5!

The Fitzee bank is open! 

Hmmm...what to buy....

We also need to use our Fitzees to pay for rent and bills (using tables, chairs, electricity etc). 
General good behaviour and extra effort put into class work and homework can also earn extra Fitzees.


  1. wow fitzee bank I never heard fitzee bank

  2. what is a fitzee bank? by afnan